Why Employee Engagement?

Ohana Editor Blog

How engaged or disengaged an employee is can have a definite impact on a company’s bottom line, and not just through high turnover. According to employee engagement survey results, engaged employees tend to exhibit higher sales, profits and even shareholder returns.

Findings from Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends 2016 survey, reveal that employee engagement is ranked as an important priority by 85 percent of the respondents. Yet, despite that fact, only 46 percent of companies are prepared to tackle employee engagement challenges.

That’s where Ohana can make an immediate impact to help your workers feel that they belong.  This mobile app gives your company a virtual place where everyone can communicate and connect with each other.

What does an engaged employee look like?

These are people who go above and beyond the stated duties of a job because they have an emotional commitment to do good work. This leads to better performance whether you are a salesperson, customer service representative, or software developer.

No two employees are alike.  Therefore, what motivates each is very different. What they do have in common is they ALL work for the same company – yours!

Engage all your employees with a steady drumbeat of news and updates that they care about. Ohana is a platform where you can have two-way lines of communication. You can post company updates on sales successes, social activities, employee contests, team profiles and more.

Competition for talent.

Finally, gone are the days that employees commit to working their entire career at one organization. Therefore, unmet needs will motivate your employees to look elsewhere. In this new age, organizations compete for talent, especially millennials and those with special skills. Organizations need to address employee engagement issues to attract and retain employees.

Start engaging today and request a demo of Ohana.