3 Ways You’re Killing Your Office Productivity (and how to stop)

Ohana Editor Blog

The battle for optimal office productivity is never-ending. While it’s impossible to save employees from their own personal distractions, there are some surprising environmental factors that may be throwing your whole office out of whack.

1. Too much or too little office space
Half of your employees want a trendy open office space and half prefer to work alone. What’s an office to do? Studies show that even though most employees think they want a newsroom-style layout, 61% of employees find their loud colleagues to be distracting, and 86% believe that they hit maximum productivity when working alone. Yet cubicles have also been found to be too isolating which can lead to unproductivity.

The solution? Try having a mix of common areas and secluded workspaces. Common areas are good for collaboration, while private offices are better for focused work. This allows employees to organically choose when they’d like to collaborate and when they want to work alone.

2. Random drop-ins

In a survey done by Ask.com, almost half of respondents said that impromptu meetings were a major office disruption. The same respondents said that they prefer to communicate primarily through IM and email to avoid face-to-face interruptions.

The solution? Instead of assuming your colleague has time to chat, shoot them a message and ask when they have a free moment. This allows them to respond on their own time and minimize unwanted distractions.

3. Over-entertaining
In an attempt to attract younger employees, many companies have over-cluttered their offices with games and gimmicks in an attempt to boost morale. While this may attract new hires, it’s not doing any favors for your current employees. Too many options for distraction will do just that – distract your employees.

The solution? In this case, less is more. Google is Google for a reason- there can only be one! When workers want to blow off steam, they’ll find ways to do it naturally. You can provide spaces for them to utilize and a few options for fun distractions but don’t turn your office into an arcade.

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