Ohana Leadership Series Panel – Building Trust. Inspiring Results.

Rosanne Burge Blog

Ohana Software recently hosted a panel discussion with industry leaders to discuss how effective communication can be used to build trust. Hear answers to the following questions and more!

“How have you worked with organizations to shift how they act on a daily basis?”

“What strategies do you suggest to demonstrate the ROI of an engaged workforce?”

“What do you believe is a common barrier for organizations in developing high trust?”

“What are some actionable ways we can foster candid conversation?”

Interested in the books recommended by each panelist?

Bryan Brenner: “Good to Great” – Jim Collins
Aaron Dimmock:  “Radical Candor” – Kim Scott and “Leaders Eat Last” – Simon Sinek
Ray Hilbert:  “The  Janitor-How An Unexpected Friendship Transformed a CEO and His Company” – Todd Hopkins & Ray Hilbert
Cynthia Pizarro:  “The Truth About Employee Engagement” – Patrick Lencioni
Jonathan Reynolds:  “Leaders Eat Last” – Simon Sinek and “Love Does” – Bob Goff



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