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5 Must-See Videos on Building Trust

Ohana Editor Blog

Not too long ago, our team attended a leadership conference and building trust was pervasive in many, if not all, of the breakout sessions.  It got us thinking, and the following week, we decided to reexamine our values statement.  You know, the exercise your team did a year or two ago that’s sitting in some folder in your bottom desk drawer?!

Here’s what ours says:

“Our values are built on a foundation of TRUST – Teamwork, Relationships, Urgency, Service, and Transparency”

We agreed to take time each week to share with each other how we live out these values by posting pictures and videos to our communications platform, Ohana.

To kick off our new initiative, we each took time to find one video about building trust.  Below are 5 of our favorites. We hope you find them as inspirational as we did!

  1. Why good leaders make you feel safe Simon Sinek

We’re HUGE Simon Sinek fans here at Ohana, and in this 2014 Ted Talk, Sinek poses the question “What makes a great leader?” It’s someone who makes their employees feel secure, who draws staffers into a circle of trust.

  1. I Trust YouRossCreations

This ridiculous video got us thinking about how hard it is for a group of strangers to come together in the workplace and trust each other.  Trust isn’t something that happens immediately – it’s earned over time.

  1. How leaders build trust – Mike Abrashoff

Mike Abrashoff shares how he built trust with his military team, and we see so many parallels in our organization. Trust is the foundation. “…People collaborate better; they work better as a team. You can put yourself in a position to control your own destiny.”

  1. Steve Jobs talks about managing people – Steve Jobs

You may or may not be a fan of Apple or Steve Jobs, but in this classic video, his insights are spot on.  As with Jobs, we also believe that “teamwork is dependent on trusting the other folks to come through with their part without watching them all the time.”

  1. What’s trust got to do with it? – David Horsager

Did you know a lack of trust is your biggest expense? If you’re like us, it’s easy to think you know everything about trust. But do you really? Listen to David Horsager and find out the real impact and what you can do about it.


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