Your Mission Statement Needs Some Work

Ohana Editor Blog

We’re all pretty much in agreement – every company needs a mission statement to be successful.  And basically, every mission statement that’s ever been created, documented, and posted… not that great.

Each year, leadership teams all over the world get together to write their mission statements. And then they start editing.  Adding in corporate jargon, erasing words that describe what they actually set out to do, and swapping real content with generic fillers that end up saying absolutely nothing at all.

And this is the just the beginning of the problem. A study by Gallup found that only about 40% of employees really know what their company stands for and what makes its brand different from its competitors’.


Let’s think about this. What happens to a mission statement after you craft the ‘perfect’ version?

  • It goes in your employee handbook. And after an employee’s first day of work, this document mysteriously disappears and the mission is never seen again.
  • It ends up on some obscure landing page on your website. And the only people who find it are job applicants you invite in for an interview.
  • It appears in some of your slide deck templates.  And it’s that one slide that every presenter breezes over in less than 2 seconds.

Okay. We’ve established the problem – your mission statement doesn’t describe your real mission and it isn’t reaching employees.  Therefore, when you meet with your leadership team this year to create or review your mission statement, remember two things:

  1. Keep it Simple.

Don’t over-complicate your mission statement.  We’ve re-written ours several times to make it easy for both our employees and customers to understand and rally around.  Who wouldn’t want to get behind employees being happy?

Our mission is to transform work places into happy places that positively impact the lives of employees and their families.

  1. Create a Strategy.

When it comes to realizing your mission and getting the word out, you need a strategy.  In fact, a mission statement is just a sentence of empty words if you don’t make it part of your daily culture.  Plus, you can’t count on people finding your mission statement if you don’t make it accessible. Let Ohana be part of your communications strategy and get your mission statement in the hands of your employees every single day.

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