Find a Workplace Wellness Accountability Partner

Ohana Editor Blog

If you’re anything like me, you don’t let your leftover holiday treats go to waste.  Banana bread for breakfast, fudge mid-morning, cookies after lunch…  Then, you come home and spend too much time online looking at healthy recipes and gym memberships.

It happens every year.  January goes great, February is okay, but by March we’re skipping the gym and swapping out lunch salads for burgers.  So, why does this always happen?  Life.  Get a couple of months into the year, and we’re in full swing with projects at work and personal commitments.  As soon as we get busy, the healthy lifestyle we committed to in January is the easiest thing to give up. And generally, it isn’t even a conscious decision.

Research shows that having an accountability partner increases your chances of achieving success to 65%, and if you make specific appointments with that partner – 95% of goal setters achieve success. 

Who do we spend most of our awake time with each week?  Our co-workers, our teams.  So why aren’t we using these people as our accountability partners?  Generally speaking, employee wellness programs are largely personal and private – tied to incentives associated with your insurance plan.

That’s all good, but I think employee wellness programs need a Part 2 – public displays of wellness incorporated into our day to day office routines.  This creates visibility and when you can see who else is interested in a healthy lifestyle (mental, physical, or both), finding a workplace accountability partner becomes so much easier.

Get Started

There are tons of ideas online about how to up your employee wellness game.  I’ve compiled a list of my 10 favorites from SnackNation’s 121 Employee Wellness Program Ideas Your Team Will Love that will be a lot more fun with a partner!

  1. Participate in a 5k run: create an office team and schedule training right before or after work.
  2. Turn meetings into walking meetings: walking meetings encourage creativity and productivity.
  3. Take the stairs: it’s been proven to save 15 minutes every day.
  4. Offer onsite yoga: we don’t give mindfulness enough credit. No room for yoga? What about a group meditation?
  5. Host an 8 glasses of water challenge: post a leader board in the breakroom, bonus if you provide company branded, reusable water bottles.
  6. Encourage break time: organize a time throughout the day for group coffee runs, birthday celebrations, or book club.
  7. Bring in a health or fitness coach for a lunch and learn: or have a knowledgeable employee present – grab your partner and make it a point to attend.
  8. Create a healthy recipe cookbook: have everyone contribute their favorite dish.
  9. Attend a local gym: many gyms offer specials for companies to try their workout, organize a time for your work group to attend.
  10. Communicate wellness information frequently: reach employees with small bites of wellness information daily using an app like Ohana.

I’m going to find an accountability partner in 2018, are you?