3 Companies That Show Employees They Care

Ohana Editor Blog

When you read this title, you probably thought we were going to talk about Google, right? Google has been the leader in company culture and employee engagement for years. But behind all the fun office slides, nap pods, and free food, Google is sending one clear message- we care about you. While Google is a great example, there are many other companies that are doing a great job letting their employees know that they’re valued.  Here’s 3 of our favorites:

1. Legal Monkeys

Image of Legal Monkeys logo above ways they are creating employee engagment

Legal Monkeys’ employee engagement strategy is genius in its simplicity. Employees utilize “Appreciation Boards“.  The Appreciation Board recipient showcases the board on their desk for a time.  Then, that employee writes a new note of appreciation and hands it off to someone else.  The company also uses Facebook to share the appreciations externally. Creating an easy way for peers to recognize each other helps employees feel like they belong.

2. Southwest Airlines

Image of Southwest logo above ways they are creating employee engagement

Going the extra mile is a big part of Southwest Airline’s company culture.  Southwest encourages its employees to express themselves and utilize their creativity in all situations. Both the new logo and the airline’s new uniforms were developed by employees. They recruited employees from all departments instead of using an outside firm for the project. Talk about a great way to capitalize on your employees.  Bringing employees together for a common goal creates unity and sparks creativity.

3. Hyatt

Image of Hyatt logo above ways they are creating employee engagement

The hospitality industry is notorious for employee burnout and turnover.  But, Hyatt has uncommonly high employee retention rates.  This is likely a result of to the company’s practice of hiring from within.  Hiring from within incentivizes employees to work harder and encourages loyalty.  Hyatt also empowers employees to listen carefully to guests and respond accordingly with the appropriate solution.  They don’t follow scripts like other companies in the industry.  Employees feel more capable and hotel guests are happier.

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