Businesswoman using technology to connect with her team.

Using Technology to Connect with Your Employees

Ohana Editor Blog

Technology is fast changing the way we work.  Your employees are already connecting with partners and vendors on social media, using productivity apps, and catching up on industry news from their smart phones.

Technology is undoubtedly crucial to your day-to-day operations, but have you thought about how you can leverage technology to connect with your employees on a deeper level?

Think about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  Maslow suggested that we need to have our physical needs (like food and shelter) and security met before anything else.  Then, we seek love and belonging.  But what if love and belonging are actually our most basic needs in today’s world? People give up comfort and safety for love and belonging every single day.

To effectively connect your employees, you need to modernize how you communicate.  It might seem counter-intuitive to use technology to do this because it tends to limit genuine human contact.  But with 43% of employees reporting that they work remotely in some capacity, technology is your secret weapon to creating connection.

Here are 3 benefits of using technology to connect with your employees:

1. More Flexibility

In today’s ever busy and stressful world, striking a healthy balance between work life and personal life isn’t a walk in the park.  In the American corporate culture, we value working long hours. Generally, employers expect that employees will give it all and more at work.  While many employees do this without question, it comes at the expense of health and happiness.

The good news is your company can change. Even a small shift away from rigid tradition can open the doors for a cohort of employees who simply cannot make their personal lives mesh with a traditional corporate culture.

Harness technology to give employees some room to handle both work life and personal life with better results for each. The video conference, for instance, is a lifesaver for those who are working remotely.  It gives employees the freedom to join in on a meeting from anywhere and still get ‘face time’ with their colleagues.

Mobile workspaces also open opportunities for today’s employees. With companies like Aetna Insurance, JetBlue, and American Express blazing the trail, more and more companies will continue embracing “anywhere office” technology to generate more productivity, create more satisfied employees,  and enjoy a broader talent pool.

2. Increased Collaboration

No matter how you look at it, using technology to connect takes collaboration to a whole new level. When you digitize collaboration, the right people have access to the right projects and information they need all the time.

And just like that, you free up time in they day by eliminating status meetings and wait time.  It lets people work on their own time and come prepared to meetings for better efficiency.

Imagine for second a work day without an overload of tedious intranet processes, long emails, and lost documents.  That’s the beauty of a one-stop-shop, a collaborative digital platform where everyone is on the same page. Carrying out duties in line with your business strategy and vision becomes effortless, and not part of the company ‘noise’.

3. Stronger Communication

By using technology to connect, you can strengthen your company’s internal communication strategy and meet employees where they are. A great digital communication tool leads to higher worker engagement which is manifested in employees who feel – and are – more connected.

Several studies reveal that a deeply engaged and loyal workforce leads to a more robust financial bottom line and loyal customers.

Tools like Ohana serve a a “virtual place” where you can share vital company information and employees can connect, communicate, and get inspired.  The communication becomes a 2-way conversation, and 2-way communication builds trust, one of the most important factors in human connection.

Connections and Productivity

When you start using technology to connect with your employees, you set yourself up for immediate success.  You’ll reach your employees whenever and wherever they work, and no one will be left out.

As a result, you’ll see higher productivity, a more vibrant and motivated workforce, reduced hiring costs, better employee social advocacy, and, increased profits.  Everyone wins!

Thinking about using technology to connect with your workforce?  Ohana is here to help – check us out today!