Team bonding during a volunteer event

8 Easy Ways to Make Team Bonding More Fun

Ohana Editor Blog

You probably already know that team bonding is important.  Humans thrive when they have close interpersonal relationships and social interaction. So, it’s important that you get to know your employees and they get to know each other.  The result – happier employees, better health, and increased productivity.  We’ve put together these 8 easy ways to make team bonding more fun for everyone.

We promise they’re better than doing trust falls.


1. Meet offsite

A change of scenery might be just the inspiration that your team needs to come up with their next great idea. Move your lunch meeting to that restaurant that just opened down the street or head over to the local coffee shop for this month’s metrics review.

2. Volunteer

Show some love to your community or your corporate philanthropy partner. Doing good as a team will help your employees grow together, while giving them a deeper understanding of the role your organization plays in the lives of others.

 3. Plan an outing

Take an afternoon off and head over as a group to a sports game or other local event.  You’ll give your employees the opportunity to leave the work conversations at the office and bond on a personal level.

4. Go outside

Breathe some life back into your team by going outside to get some fresh air. Whether it’s a short walk across the street for coffee or a planned walking meeting, getting away from your computer screen will do you good.

5. Go to karaoke night

For a fun twist on “drinks after work”, grab your team and grab a mic! Studies have shown that singing is a great ice-breaker and can get groups of people to bond more quickly than other activities. A little laughter and lighthearted fun will be just what your team needs after a long day in the office.

6. Bring the fun to the office

Steal some of your kid’s games and turn the conference room into a place for fun.  Bring board games, video games, and a little friendly competitive spirit. You’ll have a whole new appreciation for Becky from Accounting after her win at Mario Kart and Rick from Legal when he beats everybody in Trivial Pursuit.

7. Exercise

Sign-up for a local 5k run/walk or bike race.  Gather a team for fun or make it a competition.  If you’re feeling ambitious, make it an office-wide competition to see who can raise the most money for the charity tied to the event.

8. Celebrate the holidays

Dress up for Halloween, host a pre-Thanksgiving potluck, or plan a Fourth of July cookout. Odds are that your employees are going to be a little distracted right around the holidays anyway.  So it’s the perfect time to give them a mental break and have a little fun.


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