4 Ways to Keep Your Remote Workforce Engaged

Lexi Blog

Smartphones, cloud computing, and free Wi-Fi allow most work to be done from virtually anywhere. Working remote cultivates a sense of autonomy, leading to an increase in engagement. According to the latest report from Global Workplace Analytics and FlexJobs, 4.3 million American employees are working from home at least half the time. With remote-friendly workforces on the rise, communication with employees has become increasingly important.

Connecting with remote employees can be difficult. It’s important to be mindful of them when strategizing engagement and internal communication efforts. We’ve put together four ways to keep your company culture alive outside of the office.

1. Communicate.

Communication is key. Remote employees simply don’t get the company culture experience that in-office employees may have. It’s important to make a conscious effort to keep remote team members in the loop, even on things that might seem insignificant.

Regular check-ins with your remote employees are crucial. It’s easy to go days, and even weeks, without touching base with them. Don’t ignore or forget about communication with your employees! You don’t want to make them feel forgotten about. Instead, schedule regular weekly or monthly check-ins to see how they’re doing. Ultimately, engaging with your employees makes them feel valued and can boost morale.

2. Go digital.

When people think about company culture and employee experience, they equate it with in-person interactions. Going digital with your internal communications and engagement solutions can help foster your company culture and allow your remote workforce to experience it as well.

Find ways to connect your in-office team members with your remote employees on a more personal level. Mobile apps like Ohana were built to foster your company culture in a virtual space. Ohana gives you the ability to share a photo of your workspace for the day or personal milestones such as birthdays or work anniversaries. It curates a newsfeed of personal, yet work appropriate content that doesn’t clog your inbox.

3. Utilize gamification.

Gamification is a fun way to encourage engagement. What better way to unite your employees than some good, old fashioned competition? The increased competition (and rewards) serve as a bonding experience for employees and can inspire your employees to become more engaged. It provides positive reinforcement for achievements in the form of badges, awards, recognition, and status.

Maybe you’ve created a leaderboard to see who is bringing in the most sales or, in a manufacturing environment, have started a race to see who can have the lowest cycle time. Gamification can be a fun and visually rewarding way to engage your employees.

4. Implement personalized digital employee recognition programs.

A digital recognition program can add a level of perceived fairness and inclusiveness for everyone, remote or not. When there is physical (or in this case, virtual) evidence of gratitude and recognition for achievements, employees can truly feel appreciated.

Oftentimes, it may seem that only those in highly visible roles or senior leadership are the ones who are recognized for their accomplishments. When recognition becomes digital, the system itself is democratized. With a digital system anyone can recognize their coworkers, no matter the role or geographic location.

Some digital platforms, like Ohana, are interactive and allow people to engage with a post of a colleagues success. For example, when someone is given a High-Five in Ohana, coworkers are given the opportunity to like and comment on the post, congratulating their coworker on their achievement.

Take engagement to the next level with Ohana.

Ohana helps address these problems. It provides a new, digital approach to communication with your team. With features such as personalized profiles, in-app messaging, recognition and rewards, Ohana creates an engaging environment for employees to connect and communicate with one another. Schedule a demo today!