How Ohana Uses Ohana

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When we built Ohana, we set out to address two problems that we believe plague every business – disjointed internal communication and a high number of disengaged employees. It’s likely that you’ve heard the Gallup statistic that 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged at work. But why? Because companies aren’t communicating effectively internally. And it’s just as important that you communicate with your employees as it is with your customers and prospects.

So our philosophy is simple that when you get laser-focused on communicating well and communicating often with your employees – the engagement piece, well… it will come naturally.

According to that same Gallup study, highly engaged business units have resulted in 21% greater profitability and show a 17% increase in productivity. With higher profitability, employee engagement is something worth investing in.

These days, most people consume their information in short bites from a newsfeed(s) of choice. Ohana takes that concept and applies it to company internal communication. Designed around a central newsfeed, Ohana allows employees to consume important company updates in a way that mirrors the way they prefer to consume information in their personal time. And that familiarity makes adoption painless.

Today, we’re letting you peek into our world and showing you how Ohana uses Ohana to communicate and connect. Here we go!

Internal Updates

Our inboxes are overloaded. Project updates, customer requests, meeting invites, reports, system notifications… Oh – and don’t forget the hundreds of email newsletters we’ve somehow ended up subscribed to!

30% of people admit that they don’t read their company email (and those are just the ones who admit it!). If we added internal updates to that pile, our employees would never see them.

So, instead of sending out a company newsletter, we post weekly “highlights” to Ohana. These include: company updates, new deals closed, project statuses, office events, and more. They’re the most important company things happening this week, and they’re brief, concise, real-time, and don’t get lost in your inbox.

Added bonus – these updates are interactive. Our team members like, comment, and reply to the weekly updates right on the post. No longer fear the dreaded “reply-all” to a company-wide email.

Recognition and Promotions

Just like you, our employees get promoted and do other really awesome things that deserve recognition.

When someone does something great here at Ohana Software, we make sure the entire team knows it.

Someone on our recruiting team had the top number of prospects hired? High-five.
Someone on our content team wrote a blog post that received more hits than usual? High-five.
Someone on our sales team exceeded their monthly quota? High-five.

Someone ran a marathon. Someone organized a community service event. Someone had a baby. High-five. High-five. High-five.

What’s even better? Anyone can give a high five to anyone, so our employee recognition efforts aren’t just top-down. They’re peer-to-peer and bottom-up. Our developers high five the marketing team. One sales rep high fives another. Our intern high fives the CFO. Ohana Software’s high fives know no bounds.

Employee Directory and Profiles

We all know what it’s like to be the new employee – you meet so many people on your first day and come day two, you can’t remember any names. Or vice versa – you meet the new employee, pass her in the hallway an hour later and can’t for the life of you remember her name. As a growing start-up, Ohana’s interactive employee directory is a life-saver.

We’ve customized our employee ‘Fun Facts’ on each profile to reflect our company culture.

We’re coffee lovers and Starbucks is just down the street – so ‘What is your favorite Starbucks drink?’ was an easy start. Now, when we want surprise one of our team members with an afternoon pick-me-up, we can get them exactly what they want.

Complemented by ‘About Me’ and ‘Skills’ sections plus other ‘Fun Facts’ like ‘What’s your favorite thing to do in town?’, and ‘What’s your favorite birthday treat?’ – we can get to know each other better, faster.

We aren’t done yet– each profile has contact information with one-touch links for calling, emailing, and chat messaging. Our team uses this all. the. time. It eliminates the need to intermingle our work contacts with our personal contacts – no more worrying that we sent our colleague a text intended for our mom because we sent an Ohana chat message instead. No more frantic searches for Michael’s cell phone number while we’re at a client site – it’s all neatly packaged right here in Ohana’s directory.

Surveys & Social Fun

Happy Birthday message on Ohana

As a company who lives and breathes employee engagement, employee feedback and employee happiness are super important to us.

Ohana’s survey tool allows us to quickly and anonymously take a pulse on our how our employees are feeling. Each week we run a simple one-question employee sentiment survey. The questions repeat four times/year, so we can compare how our employees are feeling quarter-over-quarter.

It’s also great for taking sandwich orders for lunch & learns and scheduling the best day for community service events. Order exactly what it is you need without having an excessive amount of extra food and accommodate your employees schedules! Everyone has a chance to be heard – and to get the sandwich of their choice!

And for the grand finale, the social component of Ohana is what keeps us coming back for more and more and more.
We share all the personality in our organization – “twinning” employees, desk-decorating contests, happy-hour announcements, wellness tips, events, ‘what made your week?’ posts, and of course, your everyday office funnies.


Inspire, enhance and enrich your company experience with Ohana.  Are you ready take the next step to learn more about how Ohana fits in with your organization?  Talk with one of our engagement consultants today!