Hays + Sons Connects Multiple Office Locations with Ohana

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The Challenge

Hays + Sons is a full-service disaster recovery company that specializes in insurance restoration and reconstruction. With over 120 employees, eight physical locations throughout Indiana and Ohio, and a primarily field-based workforce, communication was tough

Hays + Sons needed a platform that would connect the gaps between their physical office locations and their field-based workforce to get information out easily and strengthen their company culture. 

Employees in each location didn’t feel connected to the company or each other. Email inboxes were constantly congested with both internal company messages and client requests, so important information was often missed. Hays + Sons didn’t have an easy (let alone engaging) way to share information and foster relationships among team members. They needed a mobile-friendly communication tool that their employees could access on the go to help their communication efforts.

The Solution

Hays + Sons found Ohana at just the right time. They were in the process of creating a new internal communication strategy and wanted a way to “spice things up.” The newsfeed-driven, social media feel of Ohana perfectly fit what they were imagining. The Hays + Sons leadership team jumped at the opportunity in May 2017.

“Once we heard about [Ohana] we realized our need…it was [an] easy [solution.]” – Jessica, HR Manager

Jessica Campbell, HR Manager

Ohana’s affordability and user-friendly interface were their top selling points. Employees would be able to easily navigate the app without extensive training efforts. The real-time newsfeed, push notifications, and high-five recognition program sealed the deal. Because Ohana allows all employees to submit content for approval to be posted on the newsfeed, the communication environment within Hays + Sons would be transformed. No longer would communication solely be top-down. Ohana would create a place for two-way dialogue between employees of all levels, locations, and tenure.

Ohana’s ability to post third party content was an added bonus – Hays + Sons would be able to pull in supplemental content from their own professional partners like their benefits provider and leadership training vendor to keep the newsfeed’s content steady.

The Result

For Hays + Sons, Ohana is now the hub for information. With over 80% of their employees on the platform, they know that the information they’re sharing is reaching their team. They regularly post dates, times, and locations for company-wide meetings, important benefits and 401k information, customer feedback, departmental updates, and fun every-day-on-the-job pictures.

They’ve also integrated their internal recognition program, Hays Hero, into Ohana. Hays Hero has been around for years, but with the high-five feature, it was easy to incorporate into a new, digital platform. Anyone in the company can instantly nominate a fellow colleague to become a Hays Hero via a high-five on Ohana. A company winner is chosen each month and highlighted in their company newsletter. Since launching Ohana, 65 employees have been nominated as Hays Hero.

The ease of use and familiarity to a social platform has made Ohana incredibly easy for Hays + Sons to integrate into their everyday work life. The rollout of the desktop version in August 2018 makes new hire posts and long announcements even easier. With the release of the desktop version, Ohana can now be access on a laptop computer, desktop computer, tablet, and mobile phone, so communication has become even more convenient for both field-based and desk-based employees at Hays + Sons.

Since its implementation as part of a larger communication strategy 18 months ago, Ohana has been instrumental in connecting the team at Hays + Sons to one another and has transformed the way they communicate for the better.

“[Ohana] has made it fun interacting with other offices. [It’s] a great way to communicate and know what’s going on company-wide.” – Mary Carter Meyers, Major Account Executive

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