Verve Health Engages their Non-Desk Employees with Ohana

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The Challenge

Verve Health is a health and wellness provider specializing in onsite health centers and wellness teams. With 40 primarily non-desk employees spread across client sites in multiple states, they struggled communicating important information. Verve Health’s leadership team didn’t have a way to quickly and efficiently talk to their entire organization.

Verve Health needed a digital tool to effectively communicate with their largely remote and millennial team.

After receiving results from a survey conducted in their workplace, the leadership team learned that their employees didn’t feel they were getting adequate information about the company from leadership. Verve turned to Ohana to amplify their communication efforts and connect their team.

The Solution

These survey results served as the catalyst to improve internal communications for Verve Health. They set guidelines for what would be needed in an internal communications tool: an easy way to get information to employee’s that wasn’t email and wasn’t disrupting any personal boundaries. Verve Health began their software evaluation and in October 2017 chose Ohana as their solution because of its ease of use, real-time posting ability, and on-the-go accessibility.

“How can we say no to this? It’s so easy and convenient!”

Andrea Noto, HR Manager

Ohana’s real-time posting would help Verve Health communicate company updates regularly to their largely millennial workforce without congesting inboxes. Push notifications would alert for both non-desk and desk-based employees that an announcement was made. The social newsfeed would allow employees to share pictures and videos from the field – tips, tricks, how-to information, general day-to-day happenings, and more.

The Result

For Verve Health, Ohana is a place to share any important information, ideas, successes and discoveries. It’s so much more than a tool to push out company announcements as they had expected – it’s a social connection tool for their dispersed team.

With over 80% of their workforce on the platform, the leadership team feels confident that the information they’re sharing is reaching employees. At the health clinics, employees have short periods of downtime between screenings and can consume the information on their mobile device at their convenience. A typical daily newsfeed for Verve includes pictures of their work environments (whether it be in or out of the office,) interesting activities outside of work, and educational how-to videos.

Ohana has put faces with names of employees who aren’t able to physically meet or interact with one another daily. Verve’s communication has drastically improved which allows their employees to work together more efficiently than ever before.

“I’m happy we chose Ohana for an added communication tool for our employees. We all use apps for numerous reasons and this is a welcomed addition. It’s easy to use and well worth it!” – Andrea Noto, HR Manager

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