Shepherd Insurance Enhances Internal Communications with Ohana

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The Challenge

Shepherd Insurance and Financial Services is an independent insurance agency that offers all lines of business, commercial, personal, home and auto insurance. They also offer employee benefits and 401k & wealth management services.

Shepherd Insurance needed a communication tool that would capture the entire companies attention.

With over 400 employees spread across 5 states and 25 offices, traditional forms of communication like email, phone call, and text message were no longer proving efficient or effective to communicate their culture between numerous offices real time. Shepherd Insurance needed a communication tool that presented their most important internal company messages in a personal, visually-appealing way – with an engaging picture or video.

The Solution

The Shepherd Insurance Marketing & Communications team began exploring popular business communication tools and selected Ohana in May 2017.

From the first conversation, the Ohana team saw Shepherd Insurance’s vision and promised to make it come to life through the Ohana mobile app. The two teams worked closely together throughout the implementation, and the Ohana team ensured the tool was configured perfectly to support the company’s larger communication & engagement strategy.

“We really enjoyed the willingness and flexibility of Ohana and their ability to work with us on some of the up-front demands we had. [Ohana] made it so we were able to work with them as a partner, not just a vendor.”

John Michael T. Polley, Director of Marketing and Communications

Ohana’s real-time posting feature would help Shepherd Insurance get important information out quickly. The employee directory and individual employee profiles would help close the disconnect between offices. The points system – where users earn points for using the app’s features and participating in company activities – would be crucial to their long-term vision for employee engagement.

Shepherd Insurance launched to their entire organization in June 2017, just weeks after making their tool selection.

The Result

After 20 months using Ohana, Shepherd Insurance has seen enormous improvement in their internal communication, and it’s been much easier to share their culture across offices through picture and video.

“If you’re struggling with unifying remote locations and you’re growing fast, this is a platform that can definitely help get everybody on the same page.”

John Michael T. Polley, Director of Marketing and Communications

With over 70% of their workforce on the platform, employees of all levels, locations, and generations are sharing updates. From departmental updates, company-wide announcements, new hire welcome messages, high fives for a job well done, movie reviews, and other day-to-day office happenings, the post possibilities are endless.

Just second the newsfeed posts, the interactive employee directory is also widely popular for easy access to contact information and detailed employee information. Shepherd Insurance is also actively using the points system to add gamification to their atmosphere and reward employees for participation both in the app and through other company activities.

To maximize the impact of Ohana, Shepherd Insurance even launched the “Ohana Committee” in November 2018. The committee is open to any employee who is interested in maximizing the impact of Ohana internally and discussing new, creative ways to use the app – the first meeting welcomed 20 employees! Since then, they’ve launched two new Ohana posting initiatives.

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