The Best Spring Activities to Keep Your Employees Engaged

Jake Plantz Blog

As we are beginning to have warmer weather, we can’t help but think about being outside and joining the endless number of activities that come with the Spring-time weather. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t have to be a workplace distraction. Engagement activities do not need to be confined to the office but can be done virtually anywhere, especially outdoors. While almost all these activities can be done year-round, we believe that these activities are best suited for the current change in season. Below are six of the best Spring activities to keep your employees engaged.

Summer Hours

Almost everybody enjoys being outside, especially after a very cold winter in Indianapolis. According to AccuWeather, warmer weather can positively affect your mood and exercise habits, boost your alertness and sleep cycle, and the intake of vitamin D can strengthen your bones and reduce the possibility of risk for diseases. Consider adopting “summer hours” and allowing your employees to leave early on Fridays to enjoy the weather. If they still need to work their 40 hours a week, allow them to work more on Monday-Thursday to enjoy some time off on Fridays.


Telecommuting allows employees the ability to work from home. This can be especially useful because it helps increase your employee’s productivity, increases their morale, and decrease the costs of the employer and employee. Being stuck in the office during the summer can be an awful feeling and allowing employees to work from home gives the employees the ability to complete their work at their own pace, where ever they want.

Competitions & Team Building

Competitions are a great way to increase your engagement levels. Having simple competitions such as a March Madness office bracket for basketball fans or a daily trivia question is a great way to keep employees engaged in the company and each other. Another idea could be to make each division a team and make them compete against each other towards a specific goal. A great example of this can be a fitness goal, whether it is exercising more or eating healthier. This also benefits the company as healthier employees cost less to insure!

Cater Lunch

Who doesn’t love free food? Catering a lunch or grilling out is a great way to increase your employee engagement and increase employee morale. By catering lunch, you are bringing your employees together over a common ideal. By simply sharing a meal, employees are able to bond with each other and create long lasting work relationships.

Lunch & Learn

A “lunch and learn” consists of two simple things, food and learning. Learning is essential to our development as humans. Set time aside during lunch and have one person present an interesting topic or talk about their job with a group of coworkers. This stimulates our intellectual curiosity and allows colleagues to bond.

Community Service

Get outside the office for half a day and work with an organization that can better your local community! This promotes interaction between employees and instills a sense of accomplishment and pride as well. Spring is a great time to help clean up parks, plant trees, or start gardening again!

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