The Importance of Employee Relations

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Guest Post by Jared Bertram, Sales Associate

Everyone has a coworker they enjoy working with. Everyone also has a coworker who can get under their skin. Practicing empathy, nice gestures, honesty, and good communication are stepping stones to becoming a good coworker, but, what do these kinds of relationships bring to an office?

Earlier this week I read an article titled “On the Importance of Coworkers” by Kimberly Lew. Kimberly’s article presented the importance of employee relationships by asking ten professionals in different industries what makes a good coworker. Let’s dive in.

Whether you are a doctor, sales rep, summer camp counselor or accountant, your work relationships can make or break your job. When you enjoy the presence of coworkers and are able to effectively collaborate at work, the whole operation runs smoother and your business becomes more productive. 

The various professionals of the article reported great coworkers can override dealing with horrid customers, low pay, and even poor management.

Why? Because individuals who like their job, bring enthusiasm, and treat their co-workers with respect and empathy are contagious in an office. What type of energy are you spreading throughout your office?

The bottom line is, having great coworkers can drastically improve your day to day life on the job, consequently improving your work-habits and accelerating your career. How can you form these relationships? In my opinion, there are three key factors: communication, recognition, and office environment.


Professional, continuous, and honest communication must be practiced between employees. This ensures projects or tasks are completed on time and well done. 


Everyone likes being acknowledged for their hard work from their managers, but also from their peers and teammates. Congratulate a coworker when they go above and beyond to make them feel their work is noticed and appreciated. It will show in their effort on future projects.

Office Environment 

Have fun! The days of work being strictly work are in the past. Get to know your coworkers outside of their 9-5 life. Ask someone you don’t know to coffee. Ask them about their favorite things to do on weekends or their favorite vacation spot. Show them you are interested in them as a person, not as someone just to delegate task with.

In summary, forming meaningful relationships with your coworkers is very important. It can help balance out the negative aspects of a job, and even improve your work performance because you are more enthuastic about being around your co-workers. Higher performing workers bring higher performing businesses.  If you would like to learn more about the importance of engaging with your coworkers or tactics to improve this in your company, feel free to visit us at

Jared Bertram