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Block unsafe content

Ohana understands that as a parent, you want to shield your kid from the dangers of the internet. With our app, you can block apps and inappropriate web content at any time.

Limit screen time

With Ohana, you can easily set daily screen time limits for your kid. This gives them a sense of structure and helps them develop healthier habits around their device use.

Stay informed

Ohana has an optional location feature for tracking your kid's whereabouts. You can request your kid's location at any time, or get alerts when they get to school or other places.

Raising a kid in our technology-rich world is anything but easy. That's why Ohana has created an easy-to-use digital parenting app for today's modern families. We provide you with the tools and guidance you need to keep your kid safe online and create a healthy digital routine, all while respecting their privacy. Guide your kid toward safe and responsible online behavior - with Ohana on your side.

Why you'll love Ohana

Block apps & websites

Block apps & websites

Guide your kid's digital experience by easily blocking age-inappropriate apps and websites. Benefit from our predefined settings and tailor them to suit your family's unique needs.

Balance screen time

Balance screen time

Encourage mindful device usage by setting daily time limits, so your kid doesn't spend excessive hours on screens and promote a healthier digital lifestyle.

Stay connected

Stay connected

Enjoy peace of mind by staying informed about your kid's whereabouts, knowing when they arrive at school, or request their location whenever needed.

Set schedules for your routine

Set schedules for your routine

Create customized schedules based on your kid's daily activities, allowing specific apps during designated times to support a structured and balanced digital life.

Learn from data

Learn from data

Get valuable insights from your kid’s online activities and foster healthier digital habits by guiding your kid towards a more mindful online experience.

Benefit from expert advice

Benefit from expert advice

Navigate the digital parenting world with confidence using our curated guide, offering insights on the latest online trends to watch out for.

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Thousands of parents can't be wrong

With the app we can keep an eye on their screen time & especially the bed time I think is great!

Mother of two kids

Of course, my child wasn't happy during the installation, but the security provided by the app is worth the discussion in any case.

Mother of three kids

Good feeling to be notified as soon as my daughter has arrived at school.

Mother of one kid

A strong recommendation for all parents!

Father of four kids

I have tried several parental control apps, but Ohana is by far the best.

Father of three kids

Finally an app that works reliably and that my son can not crack in 5 min!

Mother of two kids

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