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What Are the 3 Modes in Ohana For?

With Ohana, you don't have to block and unblock apps all the time. You can choose between 3 different modes for your kid's devices and decide which specific apps are accessible in each mode.

Stefanie Parth
15/11/2022 • 3 min
iPhone Screenshot of child's profile in Ohana

You can switch between 3 modes in Ohana:

  • Leisure
  • Focus
  • Locked

In Leisure Mode all installed apps are available on your kid's devices. In the General App Limitations, you have the option to permanently block apps regardless of the mode or enable age rating, which only allows access to apps that are within the age rating you set.

We've introduced Modes to limit your kid's device usage for certain occasions. For example, when your kid is at school, you may not want them to use their device at all or only be able to access certain apps. In such cases, you can put your kid's device in Focus Mode or Locked Mode. In both Modes, all apps are blocked by default. Your kid can still use basic apps to make phone calls, etc. You are free to set exceptions to allow certain apps to be available in these two Modes.

Let's take a look at what that means in practice.

How to allow specific apps for Focus Mode

In the following example, we want our kid to be able to play only educational apps in Focus Mode. All other apps are not accessible in Focus Mode.

  1. Open Ohana on your device.
  2. Go to your kid's profile in the Parenting tab.
  3. Scroll down to the Settings and tap on Apps.
  4. Tap on Allowed in Focus Mode.
  5. Select all apps you want to allow in Focus Mode. You can allow entire app categories or tap on the arrow next to each category to select and allow only specific apps.
  6. Tap on Done and you're all set!
Screenshots of allowing app exceptions in Focus Mode

Only these apps will be allowed in Focus Mode

Tip: You can also set time limits for each Mode. Every time you switch to Focus Mode or Locked Mode, you will be asked how long you want your kid's device to stay in that particular mode. After that, the device will automatically switch back to the default Leisure Mode.

If you don't want to do this manually every single time, you can create Schedules in Ohana.