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How to Keep Brawl Stars Safe for Kids

Is your kid talking about Brawlers, Gems, and Showdowns? It sounds like they're caught up in the whirlwind of Brawl Stars, a mobile gaming sensation that's taken the world by storm. This guide is here to answer your questions and give you insights into what your kid is so engrossed in. Let's get started!

Stefanie Parth
7/14/2023 • 4 min
Little boy playing Brawl Stars on his tablet on the floor

What is Brawl Stars?

Brawl Stars is an action-packed online multiplayer game developed by Supercell, a renowned Finnish game company that is also behind other popular titles like Clash of Clans and Hay Day. This free-to-play game, available on both iOS and Android, was first released in 2018 and has since gained a massive following worldwide, with millions of active users - particularly among the younger generation. In the game, players control characters known as 'Brawlers,' each possessing unique abilities that influence the gameplay.

The main objective in Brawl Stars is to battle other players in various mini-games, often involving battles against other players. The goals vary, ranging from collecting and holding onto gems in 'Gem Grab,' scoring goals in 'Brawl Ball,' to being the last Brawler standing in 'Showdown.' The game is fast-paced and requires strategy, making each match exciting and distinct.

Players can customize their Brawlers using different skins, animations, effects, and sounds. These customizations, which can be earned through gameplay or purchased within the game, add a personal touch and an extra layer of fun to the gaming experience.

What Makes Brawl Stars Attractive?

Brawl Stars is a captivating and exciting game due to its combination of various elements:

Diverse Gameplay: With numerous game modes, Brawl Stars never feels repetitive. Each mode offers a unique challenge, keeping the game fresh and enticing. This constant novelty stimulates your kid's curiosity, prompting them to come back for more.

Tempting Rewards: The progression system in Brawl Stars is designed to keep players hooked. By playing more, your kid can earn Tokens to unlock new Brawlers, skins, and other rewards. The anticipation of earning rewards creates a sense of achievement and pleasure, which motivates them to continue playing.

Social Interaction: Brawl Stars allows players to team up with friends and join clubs, adding a social element to the game. This aspect can fulfill your kid's need for socializing, as they can share their experiences, collaborate, and compete with friends.

Competitive Element: Brawl Stars hosts regular global and regional competitions where top players can compete for prizes. This aspect appeals to the innate competitive nature of humans, making it a thrilling venture for competitive players.

Presence on YouTube: Brawl Stars has a massive presence on YouTube. Kids can watch gameplay videos, learn strategies, and engage with the community. This can provide a sense of belonging, enhancing their overall gaming experience.

What Parents Should Know

While Brawl Stars is an engaging game, there are a few aspects parents should be aware of:

In-app Purchases
Though Brawl Stars is free to download and play, it includes optional in-app purchases. These purchases, often in the form of "gems", can speed up progress or unlock aesthetic improvements. Parents need to be aware of this, as kids might be tempted to make purchases to advance in the game. You can prevent unauthorized purchases by changing your device settings.

There are plenty of customizations you can buy with "Gems" in the shop.

Focus on Violence
The main focus of Brawl Stars is combat. Although the violence is presented in a cartoonish and non-gory manner, it is still a game centered around battles. It's important for parents to understand this and discuss with their kids about the difference between game violence and real-world consequences.

Online Interaction
As a multiplayer game, Brawl Stars involves interacting with others online. While the game itself does not include an open chat feature, players can send predefined messages to each other. However, there is also an option for private chat within clubs, which could potentially expose kids to unsupervised interactions. Discuss with your kid about the importance of maintaining online safety and the types of information that should never be shared, even with in-game friends.

YouTube Content
While there are many kid-friendly Brawl Stars videos on YouTube, some may include explicit language or mature themes. Supervising or having knowledge of what your kid is watching can help ensure they have a safe viewing experience.

Navigating Brawl Stars as a Parent

While the game has its challenges, there are ways to navigate them to ensure a positive gaming experience for your kid:

Understand the Game: Before your kid starts playing, consider playing Brawl Stars yourself to gain a better understanding of its mechanics, objectives, and overall environment. This will equip you with the knowledge you need to guide your kid and address any concerns that may arise.

Discuss In-app Purchases: Before your kid begins playing, have a conversation about in-app purchases. Make it clear that they need permission to make any purchases and emphasize that spending in the game equates to spending real money.

Have a conversation: Have a conversation about online safety and appropriate behavior. Encourage your kid to report anything inappropriate they come across, and remind them to never share personal information online.

Use Ohana: Ohana is a perfect tool to manage your kid's screen time and monitor their online activity. It can block access to Brawl Stars or set a specific schedule for playing, helping avoid overuse and maintain a healthy balance between gaming and other activities.

Is Brawl Stars Suitable for Your Kid?

Brawl Stars is a vibrant, engaging game that promotes strategic thinking and social interaction. As a parent, it's crucial to provide guidance, set clear boundaries, and promote responsible gaming.

Considering its focus on (mild) violence and competitive nature, the game may be more suitable for kids aged 10 and up. If your kid shows an interest in Brawl Stars, take the time to understand the game, discuss its mechanics, and lay out ground rules for playtime and online interaction. By doing so, you can ensure that your kid enjoys the digital world in a safe and responsible manner.

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