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How to Protect Your Digital Native Online

Since today’s kids are growing up with technology, it’s important that parents talk to their kids about online safety and set some rules around their tech use. Our free Ohana Family Tech Agreement is a great tool to start the conversation.

Stefanie Parth
1/13/2023 • 2 min
Dad and daughter on couch, daughter looks up to her mother and brother, who are standing behind the couch, all are smiling

Are you thinking about giving your kid their first own mobile device?
Are you having a hard time dealing with your kid's phone obsession?
Are you worried about what your kid may encounter online?

Then it’s a good time to start a conversation with your family about healthy online use and set boundaries around their online life and device usage. Rules you all agreed on will help your kid to develop healthy digital habits, learn good online etiquette, and be informed about the risks (and how to avoid them).

Our free Ohana Family Tech Agreement provides you with possible talking points to use the conversation as a teaching moment for your family. You can then fill out a checklist together to set clear expectations for positive and safe technology use.

Teenage boy looking at his phone and laptop at the same time

Kids need boundaries around their online life and device usage.

Use Ohana to Make a Healthy Digital Routine Stick

You probably guessed it but having this conversation and filling out a checklist won't be enough. Take an active role in your kid's online life and make it a habit to talk about it.

With Ohana, you have all the right tools to cultivate your kid's digital skills, foster positive online use and boost their social competence.

For example, you can

  • limit screen time and set daily schedules to make good digital habits stick
  • block age-inappropriate websites and apps to have your kid focus on positive content
  • view detailed statistics to understand your kid's digital behavior and talk to them about it