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Welcome to Ohana

Welcome to Ohana, your new partner in navigating the complex world of digital parenting. We're thrilled to have you on board! Our mission is to help you foster a healthy digital environment for your kid, balancing their online freedom with smart protection. As you start this journey, we're excited to introduce you to all the features Ohana offers, designed to empower you while respecting your kid's independence.

Stefanie Parth
5/23/2023 • 3 min
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In the palm of your hand, Ohana offers features designed to support your parent-child relationship in this fast-paced digital world, all while respecting their personal space and privacy.

Ohana is not about spying on your kid - we're all about helping you guide them safely online. Think of it as giving them their own digital playground where they can safely run wild, and you don't have to worry. It's a win-win for both of you! And how do we make this happen?

Let's dive into the features that make Ohana your go-to app for digital parenting.

Time Limits
This feature is designed to bring balance to your kid's digital world. Excessive screen time has been linked to not only sleep issues and eye strain but also reduced physical activity, addictive behavior, and even issues with mental health. Our feature allows you to set daily limits in line with your kid's age. This way, their device usage is healthy, balanced, and age-appropriate.

Ohana Web Protection
Safeguard your kid's online journey with Ohana Web Protection. This feature automatically blocks millions of potentially harmful sites, while also allowing you to block individual websites that you deem inappropriate. Just think of it as a digital safety net, offering protection while they surf the web!

App Management
Take a supportive role in your kid's app usage. Decide together what apps your kid can access and install. If needed, you can block certain apps with a tap, or enable age restrictions to make sure the apps they use are just right for them. This feature serves as a safety filter for your kid’s digital experience.

Smart App Check
This clever feature scans and rates all installed apps on your kid's device - from "Inappropriate" to "Excellent". You get instant insights into content suitability, safety, and learning potential for each app. Set automatic blocks for concerning apps and stay up-to-date with notifications and weekly reports.

Modes are all about providing a flexible way to guide your kid's device usage. With just one tap, you can set your kid’s device to different modes based on the situation. During school or study time, you can enable the Focus Mode, keeping only learning-related apps accessible and avoid potential distractions.

Consider our Schedules feature as your digital sidekick in creating routine. For instance, you can set up a Bedtime Schedule that locks all apps at your kid's bedtime, ensuring they aren't sneaking in extra device time when they should be sleeping. It's an automated way of managing your kid's app usage throughout the day in line with their activities, encouraging responsible device usage.

Location Tracking
This feature isn't about constant surveillance but it gives you the ability to request your kid's whereabouts when necessary. And don't worry, your kid is always in the loop — they are informed whenever their location is requested. Get peace of mind without infringing on your kid's sense of independence or privacy.

Geofences allow you to define zones like school, home, or a friend's house. You will receive automatic updates whenever your kid enters or leaves these predefined areas. This way, you're always in the loop about your kid's movements, without having to check in constantly. No more worrying if your kid made it home from school or left a friend's house on time.

This is your lens into understanding your kid's digital habits in depth. You not only see how your kid spends their time online and which apps they use the most, but also how their usage compares with others. It enables you to observe how their app usage and screen time changes over time. With these insights, you can have informed conversations and provide guidance.

Stay updated with the latest resources on digital parenting trends with our Guide feature. This in-app section offers tips and advice on managing your kid's digital experience, helping you navigate the digital parenting journey confidently.

Here are a few tips to maximize your Ohana experience:

1. Communicate
Start by discussing the importance of digital safety with your kids. Introduce them to Ohana and explain why it's necessary. Our Ohana Tech Agreement can serve as an excellent conversation starter!

2. Customize
Each kid is different, and so are their digital needs. Customize Ohana's settings to suit your kid’s age, habits, and your parenting style.

3. Engage
Don't just monitor, engage! Use Ohana as a tool to teach your kid about responsible use of technology.

Remember, Ohana is not just an app. It's a tool to help you in this journey of digital parenting. We're here to support you, and together, we can redefine digital parenting.

Welcome to the Ohana family!